Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aloha From the Security Zone

Your ID Papers Please-

Little Grass Shack by Sam Makia & Hawaiian Surfers on Grooveshark

This is What Normal
Looks Like

This is What President Obama
& Other Heads of State
Staying/Meeting Nearby Looks Like

Neighborhood Streets
We Walk Every Day 
Now Have Barriers &
Check Points.

Look at this 
Cool Portable Observation Tower
Overlooking Our Boats!

Just A Day at the Beach
for Baby & US Coast Guard.
The President played at this beach
as a child too.

" A well-ordered life
is like climbing a tower;
the view halfway up
is better than the view from the base,
and it steadily becomes finer
as the horizon expands. "

William Lyon Phelps

But Visitors Don't Stay Forever

Next Week Will Be Lazy & Quiet Again . . .


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