Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Work

A L O H A !

If it was easy to choose how we feel,

we'd all be happy ALL of the time.

If you say positive affirmations
that are too far from your real view of life
you won't believe them.

In fact,
what will arise in your mind?

All the obstacles
that you know so well.

SURE it would be great
if that affirmation was true
but how does that help

But wouldn't it be great
if this one annoying situation
or person
was just a little
less annoying?

Sure it would be!

Now there's a positive
that you can believe 
 in your gut!

You know that you are probably
NOT getting better
in EVERY way.

But wouldn't it be great
if you were on time today?

If a certain someone is there-
or not?

What about a new job,
or a raise in pay,
wouldn't that be


THERE'S your affirmation
that works!

Makes you feel JUST
a little better,
doesn't it?
And that better feeling
is really what you WANT
to be feeling.

present themselves
when you're 
feeling better.

Now that's

You're welcome my friend!
Adapt to your own recipe`
and taste.
Use ingredients that you enjoy.


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