Friday, September 26, 2014

Sea Turtle Says

A  L  O  H  A !
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle by Carroll Cox

" By choosing to be 
our most authentic 
and loving self, 
we leave a trail 
of magic 
everywhere we go. "
                           Emmanuel Dagher 

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Rubies Diamonds Pebbles

A  L  O  H  A !
" Creativity is...
seeing something 
that doesn't exist. . .

 You need to find out 
how you can 
bring it into being 

and that way 
be a playmate 
with God. "
                  Michele Shea


Having a great view 
of distances:
City, Countryside, 
Weather, Seasons, Ocean
Provides tranquilization,
insight & wisdom
by direct line
it seems-
putting things
 in their place.

Visual Perspective 
is only
a small part of 
what a great view

Sea Cloud Curtain Click on photo to see tiny sailboat

Clouds loom
and they loom large.

Even small puffs
feel just out of reach.

But tiny sea clouds
on a far distant horizon
seem enchanted

 Tiny Ship Spectacular

" The shoe 
that fits one person 
pinches another; 
there is no recipe 
for living 
that suits all cases." 
                         Carl Jung

 Sky Cherries

" You have no need 
to go anywhere. 
Journey into yourself. 
Enter a mine of rubies 
and bathe 
in the splendor 
of your own light. "

Red Angle

" A diamond 
with a flaw 
is worth more 
than a pebble 
without imperfections. "
                                  Chinese Proverb

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