Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Kind

A  L  O  H  A !
" Your worst enemy 
cannot harm you
 as much as 
your own 
unguarded thoughts. "

Cedar Waxwing  "Bandit"
“ Kindness
 is never wasted. 
If it has no effect 
on the recipient,
 at least it benefits
 the bestower.” 
                        S. H. Simmons

 "Helicopter Parents "

" Nothing has a stronger influence
 psychologically. . . 
especially on their children, 
than the unlived lives 
of the parents. "
                              Carl Gustav Jung 

 “A person who feels appreciated
 will always do more
 than what is expected.”  

" A kind heart
 is a fountain of gladness,
 making everything 
in its vicinity
 freshen into smiles."
                              Washington Irving

" Kindness is more
 than deeds. 
It is an attitude, 
an expression, 
a look, a touch. 
It is anything 
that lifts another 
person. "


Seems to me
the essence of our
blog life
is Kindness.

What we create
and share
feeds me

Hope YOU
feel the same!

                       Fondly, cloudia

Mural Face

A L O H A !
Honolulu's Kaka`ako Neighborhood.
I love the bricks and vents showing through
" If you can see
 the positive sides
 of everything,
 you'll be able
 to live a 
much richer life
 than others. "
                             Celestine Chua

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