Friday, January 13, 2012

Fairy Wisdom

A   L   O   H   A  !
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As a young girl,
Mona had been left orphaned
and unprotected.

She moved sadly
through her days.

 One day, on a lonely walk through a meadow, 
she saw a butterfly struggling to release itself 
from a thorn bush.
Mona carefully released the butterfly
from its captivity. 

Her freeing touch 
caused the butterfly to change
into a beautiful fairy !

"In return for your kindness," 
the good fairy said,
"I will grant you any wish." 

Mona thought for a moment 
and said softly, 
"I want to be happy!" 

The fairy leaned forward, 
whispered into the girl’s ear, 
and flew off.

Mona developed into a beautiful woman.
  She had left the sadness of her childhood
in the field where she had met and aided the fairy. 

After that, Mona’s years were marked 
by serene happiness.  

 Mona lived a long life
nicely balanced
with friends & solitude.
 Eventually, of course,
she grew to be old. 

As the end of her life drew near, 
friends and admirers came
to comfort her, and to say good-bye
to this remarkable woman.

 Mona’s last gift to her friends
was the real story 
of her encounter with the fairy.

She shared with them the words
the fairy had whispered in her ear.
 As Mona spoke, her eyes shone 
with the joys of a lifetime 
enriched by the treasure
contained in  the fairy’s message: 

no matter how secure they seem, 
no matter how old
or young,
rich or poor, 
has need of you. "

  Courtesy of author Jay Rifenbary
No Excuse!
With thanks to my  Wonderful Blog Friend:  Quay Po 
who first shared the story with me.

Thank YOU for sharing yourself
with us here today.

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