Saturday, April 20, 2013

Secrets to the Wind

A  L  O  H  A !
" Stories happen

to those

who tell them. "


" For every complex problem

 there is an answer

 that is clear,


 and wrong. "

H. L.  Mencken

" And the leaves

 were telling secrets 

to the wind. "

Peter Mulvey

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Seeing the citizens of Massachusetts


their police officers

after the bombing suspect hunt

touched me very much. 

Police are human beings.

When they do not

live up the the badge

it is worse than sad.

When they do,

it is noble work.

We all benefit.

They deal with

the angry, the impaired,

people at their worst;

Do NOT be one of those.

Show patience,

do not make their job

more difficult.

No one wishes

to be corrected

but we all need

the peace that they 


at a police officer

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Thank You, Dear Friend

                                                            Warmly, cloudia