Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Confession

Glad You Came By Today

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Don't be afraid, Puppy. Just get wet!

"A musicologist is a man who can read music
but can't hear it."

Sir Thomas Beecham

Oh! I always thought that this was about a sloppy house painter.

"This is one of those views which are so absolutely absurd
that only very learned men could possibly adopt them."

Bertrand Russell

"The statistics on sanity are:
that one out of every four Americans
is suffering from some form of mental illness.
Think of your three best friends.
If they're okay, then it's you."

Rita Mae Brown


Time for more confession.

The travel disruptions in the EuroZone due to Iceland's erupting volcano
strike a chord with me.

Though I always enjoy and feel invigorated by travel,
part of me fears that,
Shangrila style,
something could occur
to prevent me from returning to Hawaii.

Why chance it, eh?