Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dance China Maiden

The Dance of the Yi People by Liu Fang on Grooveshark

"The miracle is not
 to fly in the air,
 or to walk on the water;
 but to walk 
on the earth."
                Chinese Proverb

" Flowers may bloom again, 
but a person never 
has the chance 
to be young again. 
So don't waste your time."
                          Chinese Proverb

" Do only 
what you do not 
And fill 
yourself with joy."
             The Buddha


Thank You
for Sharing
this Dance!

            Warmly, cloudia

Shadow Shock

  A L O H A !  
" I had to decide
 how to frame
 and light it.
 It was magic.
 There was a sense 
of mystery. "
               Conrad Hall

“ You know my method. 
It is founded upon 
the observation 
of trifles. ” 
      Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
"Sherlock Holmes"

“A whisper
 is like the shadow 
of a shout. ” 
 Jarod Kintz

" Yet, 
taught by time, 
my heart has learned 
to glow 
for other's good, 
and melt 
at other's woe. "


Have A Fabulous Day!
            Fondly, Cloudia