Saturday, December 3, 2011

Easy Comfort Soup

A L O H A !
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" A house is a home
when it shelters the body
comforts the soul. "

Phillip Moffitt

" Having a good discussion

is like having riches. "

Kenyan proverb

Every two days
human beings, (you & I)
put as much information
as we created
from cave painting days
30,000 years ago,
up to 2003.

In ten years,
that will occur
in less than
an hour!


" I became a fabulous opera."



Few things in life 
are as comforting
as a bowl of soup.

Recently I have learned
that this elixir 
does NOT only come
in cans,
and restaurants!
Hard for me to believe at first,
but wonderful Barley Soup
can actually be produced
at HOME 
in LESS than a day! 

 Much to my surprise,
there are no secret ingredients,
Just 5 Simple Things:

Oil (I like canola)
1 Onion
2 or 3 cloves of Garlic

Salt to taste.
Add simple spices you enjoy.


In a large pot:
saute` the garlic and onion
in two tablespoons of oil
for 4- 5 minutes
until translucent & softening.

Add 9 cups of water,
then 3/4 cup (or more!) of (rinsed) barley.

Slow simmer for
30 minutes,
or longer.

Tip: you may thicken soup
by adding a tiny sprinkle of flour.


Tell us about YOUR comforting food in comments-

                                                                                   Warmly, cloudia
Warmly, cloudia