Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sky Watch HAWAII

A   L   O   H   A !
Virga Rainbow

" Don't waste yourself 

in rejection, 

nor bark 

against the bad, 

but chant the 


of the good. "

                Ralph Waldo Emerson


"In literature

 as in love,

 we are astonished

 at what is chosen

 by others."
                 Andre Maurois

Silver Linings

“Too many people 

miss the silver lining 

because they're expecting 

                        Maurice Setter

Every cloud
 has its silver lining
 but it is sometimes
 a little difficult
 to get it to 
the mint
 Don Marquis

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Honolulu Good Fence

A   L   O   H   A !

“ There are three kinds 
of men. 

"The one that learns 
by reading. 
The few who learn 
by observation. -

The rest of them 
have to pee
 on the electric fence 
for themselves.”
                    Will Rogers

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Life in Blog Posts

 A   L   O   H   A !
We measure our lives
in blog posts
of the present 
and the past;

Recollections of that 
Long ago
Black & white groove
Daddy - O.

So bright and
Towers rising
Hypocrisies falling; 
Strong men look tired
Democracy's calling.

Maybe India or
Can get it right
As Churchill was:

"The worst form of 
Government except
for all the others."

So chin up, mothers
Your children may rise
if we should only be
so wise
to leave them simple
Air to breathe -
Don't leave.
Just go
In the other room
For a while
Till it's time to smile.

Though it's always time
For smiles
With you
And Me
Whatever else passes
Or comes to be.

Not a bad campsite
To linger a long long while;
Soaking in the present's
Juices -
Not drying out
But open sluices.

Flow river flow
Flow to the sea.
Flow river flow
O river of me
Purling past rocks
Held stagnant in locks.

Now I push boulders around.

Deep strong currents 
Meaningful circus

Glittering treats!

On our way
To the 


Thanks for Journeying
Together, Friends!
                Warmly, cloudia