Wednesday, August 19, 2020


 A   L   O   H   A !

Appreciate Yourself:

How well you are coping

with this highly 

unusual time!

Take a moment 

to notice

your quiet competence

that doesn't shout,

but speaks volumes.

Glad I Helped Start Wahine 0 Mana MC

A life without 

adventure is 

likely to be 

unsatisfying, but 

a life in which 

adventure is allowed 

to take whatever 

form it will is sure 

to be short. 

Bertrand Russell

My 1973 BMW 1994 - 2003

There are old pilots, 

and there are 

bold pilots, but 

there are no 

old, bold pilots.

       Aviation Proverb


This Week 1969:

I WAS there,
I do remember

Every circumstance in life, 

no matter how 

crooked and distorted 

and ugly it 

appears to be, if 

it is reacted to in

love and forgiveness 

can be transformed.

     Hannah Hurnard

𐒉 / 𐒈

                                  cloudia & Pixie