Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Gratify The Right People

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Anything you can do that
helps another person to
relax, to take a breath,
to gain a tiny grain of perspective,
is a holy and patriotic act
at this time. Your sanity
and your heart are the most valuable
commodity in the world today.
Preserve them, guard them,
share them wisely. The world
needs you and me: average people
who care, and think, and vote!

The deeds you do
may be the only sermon
some persons will hear today. Francis of Assisi

Manu O Ku
Hawaiian White Tern

Clever, calculating, twisty people
cannot comprehend the trustworthy. Be straightforward & honest,
and your crafty enemies will pour
hot coals on their own heads
trying to figure you out.
You will not "compute" to them
and it will make them crazy.
But upright folk will be gratified.
Cheaters ultimately
cheat themselves.

At end of day
it's natural to reflect
on the sights and scenes of that day.
A rainbow glimpsed, a family at play,
native birds, and a valiant flower
flourishing in a strange spot.
I take it all in. Pixie keeps her
secrets. Only our love is no mystery.
We live it all day long in the intimacy
of our together-ship.


The easiest way to be inscrutable
is to be completely
straightforward and honest.
George Hammond


Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia


My favorite neighborhood shop!
"many Japanese cakes are creamier and less sweet than Western ones because, as I said before, Japanese people tend not to enjoy the excessive sweetness. Another remarkable difference is that individual servings dominate in pastry shops. So you can buy different flavours and try them all."
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