Saturday, January 28, 2012

Art Photographer

you too?

My Studio

A L O H A !

Pua Hone by The Brothers Cazimero on Grooveshark

I have the creativity of a magpie

many things catch my eye,
I'm forever clipping something,
making notes on the move,
or finding:
objects, ideas,

This is why I long existed
in a "disorderly" nest of cool stuff.

 But I have kept our new apartment 
rather "Hotel Like."
The spaciousness
(especially after living in the confines of a boat)
is a pure pleasure.
  Freshly painted walls have no nails, hooks,
or hanging art.
(Just look at how my words
"hang out"
sprawling themselves
in unlimited

Instead of  etagere
crammed with oddities,
and toys,
one, or two jade pieces
overlook the new regime
of serenity
I think they like the space too.

So where are my piles of clippings,
blog ideas, crazy schemes, found objects?

Have I changed my style?
Not at ALL!

You should see my photo files!

My Blogger Dashboard
of half-made posts! 

The files in files
on my "desktop!"

Isn't the web a wonderful place?
Where a slob-artist can keep
the requisite
"heap' O materials.

Where an anti-social type
can hold forth on poetry
or political screeds
and find like-minded

Thank YOU
so much for being a part of it!

                                      Warmly, cloudia