Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Don't Hasten, LISTEN

A   L   O   H   A  !
Kindness is more than 

a philosophy 

of the mind. 

It is a philosophy 

of the spirit.

         Robert J. Furey

Orange  B U L L 

There are times a country 

is so tired of bull that 

only the truth can 

provide relief. 

     Molly Ivins

The most mature 

human insight 

comes from one's


rather than from

exterior research.

           Hugh Downs

Self-control is strength. 

Right thought is mastery. 

Calmness is power.   
       James Allen

Those of us

who live each day,

enjoying the sights

along the way,

Who do not weary of

doing the proper things

shall endure to the end

to hear what the 

Angel Sings.


You Are the Reason!

                                                     cloudia & Pixie
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