Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Polynesian People & Culture Teach the World!

 to have worked with this amazing educator & leader. 
A MOST soulful wahine!

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Boat Coming to Shore

A L O H A   Greetings!

  Longer Boats by Cat Stevens on Grooveshark

Moon  Path
" SHE walks in beauty,
 like the night. 
Of cloudless climes 
and starry skies,. 
And all that's best 
of dark and bright.
 Meets in her aspect 
and her eyes "


“A true friend knows your weaknesses
 but shows you your strengths; 
feels your fears 
but fortifies your faith; 
sees your anxieties 
but frees your spirit; 

recognizes your 
disabilities but 
emphasizes your 

William Arthur Ward

"Unless you love,
 Your life 
will flash by."

 Terrence Malick

" Longing
 is like the rosy dawn. 
After the dawn
 out comes the sun. 
Longing is followed 
by the vision. . . . "


" When you see

 your beauty,

- you will see it

 in others too."

Gary Zukav

" We cannot teach people
 anything; we can only
 help them discover it 
within themselves. "



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