Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tiki Cave

ALOHA, Sunday Friend!

click on photos if you like, eh?
Sand Island Access Road is an industrial area of our Honolulu
known for shipping, industry, and marinas.


"Creation, we are taught is not an act that happened once upon a time,
once and for ever. The act of bringing the world into existence is a continuous process.”
Abraham Joshua Heschel

It's also home to La Mariana, a private marina.

LM is known for it's piano bar and restaurant.
It is like making a trip back to the tiki bars of the 50's.

Wonderful specimens are everywhere in abundance...

This fellow is eating a delicious pig.

While we ate, my friend told me about a time
when he was wandering about on the Big Island, Hawaii.

He came upon a cave full of very old Tikis.

What were they doing there,
these family heirlooms passed down
over generations?

The missionaries
told the people to
these "infernal, pagan images."

the extra-terrestrials landing among us.

Their technology is clearly far ahead of ours.
They tell us that our beliefs are primitive;

Then they tell us to burn
our churches, synagogues, mosques & temples.

Unable to part with the spiritual treasures
that our parents and grandparents valued,
we might bury the Torahs, Bibles, statues, & symbols.

And that's what happened
to the Hawaiian people.

Sleep well, gods!

ALOHA Friend,