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Kamehameha Day Parade

A  L  O  H  A !
Along The Way To Waikiki by Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiians on Grooveshark

 called 'The Great' and 'The Lonely One'
 was born between 1748 and 1761
 on the island of Hawaii. 

 In 1871 his grandson,
 King Kamehameha V, 
 designated - by royal Proclamation- 
that June 11 of each year
 was to be a perpetual  holiday here in the isles
 to honor the life and accomplishments
 of Hawaii's founding statesman,
 warrior, conqueror,
  and king. 

Kamehameha Schools Letter Girls

 It is said that Kamehameha fulfilled ancient traditional prophecies
 of a high Chief who would vanquish all other chiefs
 to become the greatest of all  in Hawai`i. 

His childhood was spent in seclusion with
 foster parents. 
In accordance with a 
strikingly Arthurian legend,
 the boy Kamehameha lifted 
the 5,000 pound Naha stone
 at age 14, 
the only person ever to do so. 

The legend states that the one who lifts it 
was the prophesied warrior
 who would unite all of the islands.

 The Naha Stone rests today
 in front of the Hilo Public Library
 on the island of Hawaiʻi.

 After a stormy period  of contention, 
the island of Hawai`i was under unified rule
 by 1791.
 Kamehameha was favored by the old gods
 in a clear, strategic way, 
when a rival chief's warriors
 on their way to attack, 
were overtaken by a flowing lava outbreak!
  The imprint of their feet
 may be seen yet today 
in the hardened lava flow.

Members of Royal Societies

By 1810,
 the last of the chiefs
 of the islands of Maui, 
O`ahu and Kaua`i 
relinquished sovereignty
 to Kamehameha.

 The Kingdom of Hawai`i was born

 For the rest of his life,
 Kamehameha I wisely ruled 
a dizzy-ingly transitional period 
in peace. 
He established Hawaii
 as a recognized nation,
 launched trade with other countries,
 introduced new animal and plant life,
 promoted agriculture 
and fostered industry. 

Daughters of Hawaii

The "Napoleon of the Pacific"
 died in Kailua-Kona 
on the island of Hawai`i 
in 1819.

The first Kamehameha Day
 was observed on June 11, 1872, 
 with horse races,
 velocipede, sack, wheelbarrow, 
and foot races too!

  2012 marks the 140th anniversary
 of the only  United States holiday
 that honors a royal.

This year's 96th annual
 floral parade
  began at ʻIolani Palace
 in downtown Honolulu,
moved up Ala Moana Boulevard 
 and into Waikīkī, 
ending in a big party
 at Kapiʻolani Park.
 [incidentally, June 11
 is also the anniversary 
of this great Park's dedication]  

Traditional royal paʻu riders
 represent a time
 when royal's on horseback
 toured their realm,
visiting the people.

 Women display 19th century 
riding gowns,
 skirts draped in pa`u style
cunningly fastened
 with Kukui Nuts!

Hawaiian Cowboy by Honolulu Session Singers on Grooveshark

Riders are bedecked with lei
 and other floral arrangements, 
as are their mounts.

Hawaiian cowboys,
called 'Paniolo'
were roping & riding
before many places
considered 'western'
on the continent!

What would country music
without the twangy
Hawaiian Guitar?

Some Paniolo
became famous rodeo
stars in the 'States.'

This fellow 
plays an important role
 in the equestrian parade!

 There IT IS !

The Chinese
 were early immigrants
 to the Kingdom.

It wouldn't be Hawaii
without the 'Celestials'
their food, work ethic, 
and culture.

What a day to be a happy kid

- of ANY age!

Some of us have to
to be happy
as we grow

Thanks for visiting
and celebrating with us!

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