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Paddling Boys of Waikiki

A   L   O   H   A !
I can walk to Ala Wai Park,
 Outrigger Canoes live here

" A city always contains
 more than any inhabitant 
can know, 
and a great city 
always makes the
 unknown and the possible 
spurs to the imagination.” 
                        Rebecca Solnit, 
                                            Wanderlust: A History of Walking

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" 'Au i ke kai me he manu ala "

 "Cross the sea like a bird." 

" Pupukahi i holomua "

 Move forward as one

Hove To, Boys

"A'ohe hana nui ka alu'ia"

 No task is too big 
if we do it together

Classic Paddler in back: 
stiff arm raised to push
 mouth open, shouting the cadence

“I almost wish 
we were butterflies 
and liv'd but
 three summer days - 
three such days 
with you 
I could fill with 
more delight than 
fifty common years 
could ever contain.” 
                 John Keats

" Lawe i ka ma'alea 
a ku'ono'ono."

Acquire your skills deeply

Today's traditional Hawaiian sayings
were collected by the estimable
Mary Kawena Pukui
‘Olelo No‘eau: 
Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings
(Bishop Museum Press 1983)

“Summer will end soon enough, 
and childhood as well.” 
                            George R.R. Martin,
                                     A Game of Thrones

“Green was the silence,
 wet was the light,
the month of June trembled
 like a butterfly.” 
                              Pablo Neruda, 
                                               100 Love Sonnets

King Kalaniopuu Greeting Cook 1781
By John Webber (1751-1793).
 Cook, J. A voyage to the Pacific Ocean 
(London, Strahan, 1784).
 Public domain
 via Wikimedia Commons


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