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A L  O  H  A !
Comforts Cafe, St. Ignacio Calif.
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" If we knew 
each other's secrets,
 what comforts 
we should find. "
                      John Churton Collins

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San Gregorio

A  L  O  H  A !
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San Gregorio is an unincorporated community
 in San Mateo County, California.

Population: 214 people. 

Considered part of
the San Francisco Bay Area, 
she is south of Half Moon Bay.

The proprietors of the venerable
San Gregorio General Store 
are my friends George C. 
& his lovely wife Josephine.

It is a remarkable place
where you can buy aspirin,
farm clothes, books (!)
and all manner of things
you MUST have.
(Like my new bandanna  
of cloud types).
There is also a bar,
and live music on weekends.

George sells more copies
of my book than any 
store in Hawaii!

The San Gregorio General Store 
has been operating since 1889.

 San G is little more 
than a crossroads
in the middle of farm country
a short distance from 
Pacific Beaches.
Above is the old Stage Stop
just across the road
from the store.

Today, the San Gregorio Stage Stop
is a private home, albeit with the 
sign, a historic plaque (far right)
and gaily painted kites
(or are they masks?)

Not to be outdone in eccentricity
the farmer across the road
from the other two
(it is a crossroads)
Air dry's his ocean catch
along the fence!


" Named after Pope Gregory I 
(Saint Gregory the Great).
 San Gregorio was a booming town 
in the 1850s, when wealthy San Franciscans would travel to the San Gregorio House by stagecoach to enjoy fishing, hunting, 
sea bathing, and boat races. 
The original stagecoach stop stands across Highway 84 from the store.  
In 1915, the community was 
home to seven cheese factories. "

OK, Back in the car!

                        Warmly, cloudia