Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making Choices

A L O H A, Friend!

"Success is a great deodorant.
It takes away all your past smells."

Elizabeth Taylor

Senior (Kupuna) Day
 at the Hawaii State Capitol in tough budget times.

"Strive not to be a success
but rather to be of value."

“If animals play, this is because play is useful in the struggle for survival; because play practices and so perfects the skills needed in adult life”

 Susanna Miller

(゚、 。 7
  l、 ~ヽ
  じしf_, )ノ 

If you make your own choices
people will think you unconventional sometimes.

I'm OK with that
because following conventional wisdom of the herd
takes one, in the end,
through the killing chute
for someone else's sausages.

Thing is, most of us want to fit in.
Feeling normal is important to us humans.

Conforming and rebelling
both turn on the axis of conventional wisdom:
reflexively for & against,
yin and yang.
And both bring supportive peer groups.

But dare instead
to simply choose your own actions
as the situation speaks
to your experience
and considerations.

How broad, well lighted, and convenient
is the companionable road
to perdition!

But the most precious gift
from divinity to each of us
(even churches agree)
is individual Free Will.

Freedom to doubt,
freedom to freely choose.

Free will is not mere willfulness.
This is important stuff.

When we freely choose Gratitude
over despair or resignation
we give a gift to the Giver,
the only one in the universe (in fact)
that the Divine does not simply
command into being;

The Gift
that keeps on

Thanks for freely visiting here!
Your visits & comments are gifts
             I cannot give myself. Warmly, cloudia