Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Jewish Diwali

S H A L O H A !
One person’s candle is a light for many. 


"To lead people, 
walk beside them ... 
... When the best leader's work
 is done
 the people say, 
'We did it ourselves!'" 


Thanks for Walking Along,

No Matter How they are Treated

A   L   O   H   A  !

Scorpion asked Froggie

for a ride across the stream

on his green back.

"You will sting me, I'm no fool."

Answered the Frog.

"Ah, but then we both

would drown!"

So it was agreed,

and they set off


At the stream's deepest point

Scorpion stung.

"But now we both will drown!

Why?  Why? "

Sputtered Froggie.

" It is just my nature

I suppose. "

" The fable illustrates the view
 that the behaviour of some creatures,
 or of some people, 
is irrepressible, 
no matter how 
they are treated 
and no matter what
 the consequences."


You needn't be rude,

just be wise.

Don't ride with them,

or try to 

change them.

Go courteously

abut your life.

And if it is

YOUR nature to help,

Just think that you 


their guilt by one 

by refusing

to be their victim.

Worry  Averted.

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