Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How We Change the World System

A L O H A !

" We ourselves feel 
that what we are doing
is just a drop in the ocean.

 But the ocean would be less 
because of that missing drop. "

Mother Teresa.

" If I have ever made any valuable discoveries,
it has been owing more
to patient attention,
than to any other talent. "

Isaac Newton

“ A smile
is the light in your window
that tells others
that there is a caring,
sharing person
inside. ”

 Denis Waitley
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We met at "Occupy Wall Street" HackStar, iClaudius92, Tr33ni and me.

The people down there were good people, some of them knew a LOT,
we had a lot of fun, and we did stay wired, but we started to miss our relationships
and projects, and work online.

  I wanted to sit in a chair with a screen in front of me.
But HackS, iC, Tr33 and me stayed hooked up.
We didn't know it then,
but we 4 were gonna do
what ALL the demonstrations
All Over the globe
and ALL the good,
cheated people
couldn't do.

We were gonna use our IT abilities
to change the fixed financial game.

First, we thought that we would just erase
all the world's digital money-
which is to say: ALL the money.

But rich jerks would still have lots of stuff
and average people would REALLY suffer
in that scenario.

I didn't want to stop Gran's Social Security check either.

How to mess with money, yet not hurt normal people?

We were stymied at that for a while.

  Targeted attacks would be
very difficult and ineffective.

What could we do to free people & countries
from debt
to the already super wealthy?

A biblical Jubilee was called for;
Righteous & satisfying.

Then one night at like 3 am, Tr33ni IM-ed me.
An hour later we were all together
in the same room,
face to face.

" It's SO simple," she said
Like Y2K, a blanket hack;
simple elegant effective.

We leave Governments OUT of this,
so food inspection, and flight safety,
and military paychecks,
all stay normal.

We did fight about this for a while.

iClaudius92 wanted the absolute purity of leveling 
but I wanted to vote and have the constitution
so I argued to leave real world governments out
of our scheme. But we clipped the "conference class"
at the UN. We left UNICEF alone.

Finally we agreed
to proceed!

It was like pushing a button
to reset the whole world system
and it was ridiculously easy to do.

After Fire-Walling the Govs,
we simply made ALL digital accounts
"max out" at 10 Million Dollars.

Records of mortgages, the IMF, credit card debt-
ALL erased too.

Small bushiness, average people,
heck, even the rich with less that 10 Mil
in the bank:

NOTHING touched them.

A few hundred greedy entitled people
around the world stared reality in the face:
They Were POOR!
  " ONLY 10 million dollars 
between me and the STREET!!! "

We laughed about those people. 

Some of them killed themselves.

But most people just went to work. 

The supplier sent the supplies- and got paid.

People worked and got paid.  
There was a definite
good mood 
as no one was "underwater"
in a mortgage.

Small banks that had been prudent flourished.

So that's how we changed the whole game
without hurting average people.
Just a few commands.
And no longer would human kind be crucified
on a cross of corporatism-

for now. . . 

I'm glad we could help!

Thanks to Cloudia for the venue.
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