Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Other People

A  L  O  H  A !
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" The secret
 of many a success 
in the world
in insight
 into the moods 
of others
and  tact
 in dealing with
 them. "

J. G. Holland

  “ The well bred
other people.
 The wise 
themselves. ”

 Oscar Wilde

" Somebody Else's Problem 
 (also known as SEP)
 is a condition where
 choose to decentralize themselves 
from an issue
 that may be in critical need
 of recognition. "

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 “ Knowing your own
 is the best method
 for dealing with 
the darknesses of  
other people. ” 

 Carl Gustav Jung

" The more we deny 
that we have a dark side,
 the more power
 it has 
over us. "

Sheryl Lee

 “  Most people
 are other people. 
Their thoughts 
are someone else's
 their lives 
a mimicry,
 their passions
 a quotation.  ”

 Oscar Wilde 

“ Without deep reflection
 one knows
 from daily life 
that one exists
 for other people .” 

Albert Einstein 

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Something good
 happened to me;
I got depressed.

It made me realize:
This is how I used to feel
ALL the time."

Now I don't -
but HOW did I 
live with that?!

How did I ever 
like that?

 for the most part,
I'm grateful 
& enjoying.

used to be
Other People.

Now I feel
that as long as there
are Others Like
You Folks
in my life,
that Heaven
will always be

hateful, limited, false,
damaging words
disturbs my equilibrium.
And there are 
PLENTY today.

So how do I CARE,
but remain unruffled
by the darker
aspects of humanity?

How can I respond
to falsehood
without losing
my light
to anger?

As we mature
sometimes we feel
like we've seen it all

How do we share
something other than
with others
(especially younger people)

One thing I've learned
is that the next
the next blog post,
that I read
can ignite magic!

just knowing
that friends care
changes the 

Thanks for being
a force for good
in our circle,
and in my

         Warmly, cloudia