Thursday, January 2, 2014

Men Dancing Strong Hula

New Year, New Laws

 A L O H A ! 
Father/Son Color & Clogs

 "I will honor Christmas
 in my heart, 
and try to keep it 
all the year."

Charles Dickens

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 I've discovered,
 is everything
 in life. "

Isaac Bashevis Singer 

Married by me, Jan 1st 2014

"By the power vested in me
by the State of Hawaii
just last month,
I now pronounce you
spouses and wives
before these your friends
To your military command,
ALL of it

(One is in the military,
the other is now a 
military spouse)


As of Jan 1 2014

  Illinois police
cannot fly drones
without a warrant;
also becoming the 
13th state to prohibit 
handheld cellphones 
while driving.

Legal marijuana
is now for sale 
in Colorado.

Transgender children
may use the 
school bathroom
and play sports
in California.

Friendly, Humane
Francis is Pope
in Rome.

Connecticut has
tighter gun control,
and raises the 
minimum wage to $8.70 an hour,
New Jersey to $8.25
New York and Rhode Island to $8. 
Nine states automatically raise
their minimum wage because they 
index it to inflation. 

And I performed 
a wedding.

What is NEW
for YOU
this year?

                             Warmly, cloudia