Friday, March 16, 2012

Cycles of Forgetting

A   L   O   H   A  !
I See My Light Come Shining (w by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

"Click and Prosper"

 “ He judged the instant
 and let go; 
he flung himself loose 
into the stars. ”

  Annie Dillard

"The release date is just one day, 
but the record is forever.  "

Bruce Springsteen

"Flowers help us release,
 renew and rejoice.
They remind us
 of who we really are
 and let us
 to our state of beauty
 and freedom. "

 Darina Stoyanova


" It is not fitting,
 when one is in God's service, 
to have a gloomy face 
or a chilling look. "

                                                                 Francis of Assisi

  >< } } ( ° >

is not
'doing it.'

is not something
to be filed
or displayed,
on a trophy wall.

Use it-
-or lose it. 

We all circle
through forgetting
and remembering
the things
that life has
taught us.

Cycles of Renewal
Seasons among which
we dance.

Take a moment.

What deep truth
of Your Own
have You filed away?

"Yeah, I know that."

your original insight.

Use the good silverware!

Another swirl
around the ballroom.

I love it when
You come here
and dance
with me.

                               Warmly, cloudia