Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gerbil's Life for ME!!!!!

no really, you'll laugh!

Clear Gifts

A  L  O  A !
Enjoy the peaceful place 
you are growing to know. 

   Let the parade pass by
 without joining it.
 Today is full of gifts
  if we stop all the self-talk 
and notice them. 

 Clear the space.  Clear your mind. 
 It will come back
 fresher and better 
 when needed.
 Right now
 your critical faculties
 are off-line for maintenance,
 and that's a
Good Thing .

 You are safe.  
You are happy 
with developments and 
new joys in your life.  

 Tomorrow suddenly has
 as many happy anticipations, 
as it used to have
 chore-lists and worries.  
You accomplish all that is needed 
and MORE.  

 Appreciate the pleasure 
and power 
and freedom
 of being YOU.  

It's been too easy to focus 
on boundaries and limitations. 
But the scope of your happiness
 is well within 
the golden bounds 
of possibility.

What you want most
is at hand.
Reach For It!


I so enjoy celebrating with YOU.  

                    Warmly, cloudia