Sunday, September 11, 2011

To Say for Sept. 11


Has it been Ten Years?

We all remember
where we were
on that day

The Anniversary
of the September 11th Attack
brings up lots of emotions.

On that day, we knew that life
would never be the same.

At that time
we were human,
we were Americans,
we were Free People
All of Us - all around the world.

We were not right-wing, or left-wing;
We ran up our country's flag
in the thousands,
and we loved each other.

While I dreaded this weekend
for the memories it would stir,
something unexpected has arisen.

The survivors, the rescuers, the widows 
and the orphans
are once again in the spotlight

And instead of inconsolable pain
what I feel is how Magnificent they are,
how beautiful people are
when we remember what is really

So instead of feeling pain,
I identify these strong emotions
as gratitude
and admiration.

Instead of feeling loss,
I feel surprising wonder
as I say to myself:

'How magnificent people are!'

" Many decry our current divided politics
but I see it another way;
this is a democracy
and we disagree, and we fight 
for what we believe in.
But when a September 11th happens
we remember what counts
and we all pull together. "
Rudolph Giuliani

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