Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Representative of Spirit

A  L  O  H  A  !

“In order to see birds 
it is necessary to become 
a part of the silence.” 
                    Robert Lynd

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Thank You!
         Warmly, cloudia

Favorite October

A  L  O  H  A !

" Autumn brings a longing 
to get away from the 
unreal things of life, out 
into the forest at 
night with a campfire 
and the rustling leaves. "
                           Margaret Sangster

" October comes. 
We’ll smell smoke then, 
and feel an unexpected 
sharpness, a thrill of 
nervousness, swift 
elation, a sense of 
sadness and 
departure. "
                  Thomas Wolfe

[ You Can't Go Home Again is a novel by Thomas Wolfe
 published posthumously in 1940, extracted from 
the contents of his vast unpublished manuscript 
The October Fair. Link ]

" When you look 
forward into time, 
it seems like forever. 

- When you look back, 
it appears time has 
passed in a flash. "
                     Zen Proverb


October is a time
to conjure.

Or is it just we
who grew where it
means Autumn's
wistful winds,
endings, and
thrill beginnings?

There are Hawaii seasons.
Even I, having lived here
just 29 years know that!

But in my magic
a rainy Oahu day
echoes Northern
climes of childhood,
soothing my soul
with grey mashed-potato

Thank YOU
for splashing
my puddle!