Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red Was

A L O H A !
" Red was East, the color of the Sacred Fire, blood,and success. "
  Cherokee Nation

Building has a Bindi
" Red is one of the strongest colors,
it's blood, it has a power 
with the eye.  
I use red in all of my paintings.  "
Keith Haring

 Neolithic hunters considered red 
to be the most important color
endowed with divine life-giving powers-

Cave painters too
ascribed magic powers 
to the color red-

 Some cultures believe that red
has protective powers against evil influence.
Try waving these feathers about!

“Rooster today,

feather duster tomorrow”


 Russian Proverb

 " Red
is the ultimate cure 
for sadness. "
Bill Blass

Truly a Baton Rouge
" Love
and a red rose
can't be 
hid. "

  Thomas Holcroft    
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