Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dancing as Fast as You Can?

A L O H A !

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"I find love much like a mirror.
 When I love another, he becomes my mirror
 and I become his,
 and reflected in each other's love
 we see infinity!"

Leo Buscaglia

Sky is full of sweep
and drama
If you really look
there is more going on
than you could possibly take in.

And it's constantly
The Hawaiians of old
could read the skies.

I must say:
after 25 years
under these,
 they are beginning
to speak
to me.

" I still get wildly enthusiastic
about little things...
I play with leaves.
I skip down the street 
and run against the wind.  "

Leo Buscaglia


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 Life is busy!
That's a truism of modern life.

Many people feel
that they are on a treadmill
of never completed
tasks & obligations.

They are never
because they are thinking
about the next

The voyaging Hawaiians of old
were fully present.
"Be here now"
was not a slogan to them
it was self-evident,
a way of being
in the world.

When they voyaged open ocean,
thousands of miles,
with only stars, waves, birds,
to guide them,
they spoke of 
"Raising Islands."

Through their Mana
their Spiritual Energy
they brought the mountain 
to Mohammed.

They followed the right,
the Pono way
of being
and acting.

They blessed and became one
with the canoe,
the crew,
the sea
and sky.

And by maintaining this 
they brought the islands
to them.

Over the horizon
first as a bird,
or cloud
or swell,
they raised the island
to which they voyaged.

So be in your present.
Don't 'chase'
Live this very moment.

And when the next arrives
live that one
as well.

And all will be

Bless Us!

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                                                                                                Warmly, cloudia

by the great HERB KANE
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