Monday, October 27, 2014

Peer Or Potentate?

A  L  O  H  A !

 " To myself I am
 but a small child 
wandering upon the vast shores 
of knowledge, every now 
and then finding 
a small bright pebble 
to content myself with. "

" There is no respect for others 
without humility in one's self."
                   Henri Frederic Amiel.

" The vulgar man is 
always the most distinguished, 
for the very desire 
to be distinguished 
is vulgar. "
                   Gilbert K. Chesterton

Have you noticed
that successful politicians 
standing for election, or re-election
are warm, approachable,
kissing babies,
shaking hands,

Have you noticed
that office holders
very often
carry the aura of 

Attending an awards ceremony
for Hawaii's music industry
I found myself
in an elevator
with a famous local producer
associated with wonderful music.

"Love your work, man. Thanks."
"Always like to satisfy the consumers,"
he replied.

What a jerk!

It so happens,
that I was attending
as guest of a former band mate
who was up for an award
with his new band.

Great people
are focused on
other people
and the journeys ahead.

Small people
are so insecure
that they constantly
enforce, and
reinforce ANY
distinction they have.

Alan Brennert
is a VERY successful writer.
His work in scripts and novels
has won him many fans,
and awards.
I let him know
how fine his Hawaii
novels are.
He is an amazing 
and humane writer!

I wrote one little novel
(so far)
But Alan has been friendly
and kind when visiting Hawaii,
exchanging signed books
and later quoting me in an interview.

He called me Hawaii author.
[not a fan or consumer]
His spirit is generous.

Why do local "somebodies"
[wherever local happens to be]
act like a separate species,
yet world-class people
treat each person
as a friend,
as valuable?

I think the question
answers itself,
don't you?

I have confused and upset
some "achievers"
by treating them like friends
instead of making obeisance.
Don't get me wrong,
I express appreciation for their
work, but. . . . 

I'm not looking for rank,
invites to events,
or Medals.

Each person I meet
has something to teach me
[yes, some of the lessons
are cautionary].

So carry on,
my fellow great person!
By this ye shall know
insecure jerks:
they are preoccupied
with being respected.

So give them what they want
to get what YOU want,
but make real people,
the whole world,
your fellow of the journey'
of life.

Then YOU shall be
known as
a truly great human.

Like me.


Thank YOU 
for laughing along.

The only reason I post
is for the friendship 
and comments
from YOU!

      Thanks So Much
                   fondly, cloudia