Saturday, October 8, 2011

Van Gogh's Fighter Plane

A L O H A !

We're the first ones at the pool!

" For what human ill 
does not dawn
seem to be
an alleviation?  "

Thornton Wilder

 Sky is perfect - What is that dark spot?

" Sadness flies 
on the wings of the morning . . .
comes the light.  "

Jean Giraudoux

 Van Gogh
 ' Fighter Aircraft '
AKA: The 'dark spot' from the photo above this one.

" I think an artist has always
to be out of step with his time. "

Orson Welles

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 A Powerful Tool For You

1. Inhale a full breath comfortably.

2. Inhale just a little bit more.

3. Hold breath for a beat.

4. Blow it all out through an imaginary straw.

5. Your parasympathetic nervous system has been re-set.

You are ready for a fresh start.

You're Welcome!

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                        warmly, cloudia