Friday, January 19, 2018

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  A !

Country Life

A  L  O  A !
"Throw your dreams into 
space like a kite, and 
you do not know what 
it will bring back, a 
new life, a new friend, a 
new love, a new country."
              Anais Nin

"Anybody can be good in the country. 
There are no temptations there."     
            Oscar Wilde

Olompali Link Hiker's Link
“I live not in myself, but I become 
Portion of that around me; and to me 
High mountains are a feeling. . ."
                Lord Byron

Waikiki is a packed human
zoo, on a tiny island, hours
away from anywhere else.
[just a BIT like the Star Wars Cantina]

Honolulu is a global pulse-point
where East & West meet.

Something's ALWAYS going on
on Oahu.

While San Francisco is
an international pulsepoint
all it's own, out here on the
rim of the Bay Area in 
Rural Marin county. . .
Well, it's a very different
life here.

I like it!

Provided I can get my
periodic dose of people
and place back home
in the islands.

Visits to San Francisco
are always exciting too,
especially driving across
the Golden Gate Bridge

And so it goes.
Life brings us 
New adventures.
And I say
Go For IT.