Monday, June 5, 2017

Hawaii Photo of the Day

 A  L  O  H  A !  
"Founded as Fort Street 
English Day School in 1865. 
Renamed in memorial to 
William McKinley, the twenty-fifth 
President of the United States, in 1907. 
President William McKinley High School 
is one of the oldest secondary schools 
in the state and several of its 
buildings have been listed on 
the National Register of Historic Places."
Alumni include:

Dwayne Johnson 'The Rock';
late Senator Daniel Inouye;
Joseph Kaiponohea ʻAeʻa 
(1882-1914), hānai son 
of Queen Liliʻuokalani;
George R. Ariyoshi (1944) - 
Governor of Hawaiʻi (1974–1986),
first American of Japanese 
descent elected governor 
in the United States;
Hiram L. Fong (1924)
U.S. senator (1959–1977)
Arthur Lyman (1932–2002),
 jazz vibraphonist.

Joys To Do

A  L  O  H  A !
Hawaiian Royals, Kakaako
"As human beings, 
our job in life is 
to help people realize 
how rare and valuable 
each one of us really is, 
that each of us has 
something that no one else has
--or ever will have--

Three of the Ages of Woman
- something inside that 
is unique to all time. 
It's our job to encourage 
each other to discover that 
uniqueness and to provide ways 
of developing its expression." 
                      Fred Rogers

Sky Oh My HI
“Silence is not empty 
or immaterial. . .  
It often guards powers 
strong enough to 
shatter everything.”
              Emmi Itäranta

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