Friday, June 12, 2015

Uncertainty's Universal Antidote

A  L  O  H  A !

We all have to live 
with uncertainty.
This is the basis of all religion,
philosophy, and politics;

Ultimately it is the test
of our Mature Humanity.

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I have discovered
a Universal Antidote
to the problems of uncertainty:
Kindness today,
Kindness tomorrow,
Kindness forever!

What more poetic times

Pan - All
Akos - Healing




Theriac -

" Ah, great it is 
to believe the dream 
as we stand in youth 
by the starry stream; 
but a greater thing 
is to fight life 
through and say 
at the end, 
the dream is true! "
                Edwin Markham

Thank YOU!
            fondly, cloudia

"Mithridatium and the related product Theriac were both regarded from the time of their original formulations in the 2nd Century BC and the 1st Century AD respectively, until the mid 18th Century as universal panaceas. Any failure of these products to achieve the desired therapeutic result was attributed to defective composition or manufacture. "  Link

Success Doors Devils

A  L  O  H  A !
Daily Drama

" You've achieved success 
in your field when 
you don't know whether 
what you're doing 
is work or play. "
                               Warren Beatty

" The doors we open 
and close each day
 decide the 
lives we live. "
                          Flora Whittemores

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 “We are 
our own devils; 
we drive ourselves 
out of our Edens.” 

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               Warmly, cloudia