Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Retirement Is

Aloha, FRIEND!
Thanks for "Retiring"

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“You have been warned

against letting the golden hours slip by.

Yes, but some of them are golden

only because we let them slip by.”

James Matthew Barrie

"If we opened our minds to enjoyment,

we might find tranquil pleasures spread about us on every side.

We might live with the angels that visit us on every sunbeam,

and sit with the fairies who wait on every flower."

Samuel Smiles

What is Retirement?

Is it the absence of work?

Some folks work harder in "retirement" than ever before:

on a mission, a garden, care-giving, creativity,

to remain involved with others, or to make ends meet;

But they still call it "retirement."

Maybe they use the "semi-"

I think retirement means to retire in some fundamental way

from life's worry & striving.

We recognize at last the pure unearned gift of being alive

amidst massive beauty and complexity.

The image (mirage, for some) of Golden Retirement reflects the

fullness of wisdom,
the sun at Golden Hour,

past the age of "proving,"

What is past, too, is the illusion of endless tomorrows.

Days are no longer pulled cheaply from a warehouse,

but each is parsed and petted as the unique jewel it is;

Comforting is their regularity:

Dawn, Noon, Long After-noon, Dusk & Blue Velvet.

Our contra-dancing days stir up the Earth floor

in marvelous sensuality.

Thanks for dancing by here :)