Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Cool Uplands Breeze

A L O H A From Honolulu!

And like tea dissolving
in hot water, the sun
dissolved in the sky… 
creating a velvet horizon,
announcing for the stars’
night dance with the moon,
the awaited joy for
the wounded souls.
      Abeer Allan

The zebra dove, also known as the
barred ground dove, or barred
dove, is a species of bird of the
dove family, Columbidae, native
to Southeast Asia. They are
small birds with a long tail,
predominantly brownish-grey in
colour with black-and-white barring.

The peaceful dove is a pigeon
native to Australia and New Guinea.
The peaceful dove is closely related to the
zebra dove of south-east Asia and
the barred dove of eastern Indonesia.
Until recently, the three were classed
as a single species, Geopelia striata,
known as peaceful dove or zebra dove.

This feral rooster looks like a dorking chicken *

Any view of things
that is not strange,
is false.
  Neil Gaiman

If the vines are not stressed, The wine is insipid.

I want to learn how
to speak to anyone
at any time and
make us both
feel a little bit better,
lighter, richer, with
no commitments of
ever meeting again.
I want to go back to the
way nature shaped me.
I want to learn to go on well
with whatever I have in
my hands at the moment
in a natural state of mind
 Charlotte Eriksson


Love You,
      Pixie & Cloudia


Neighborhood Signs in Kaimuki 96816

Keanu Reeves grew up here. 

Keanu is a Hawaiian word
meaning the Cool Breeze
of the Uplands. There is a
Keanu Street in Kaimuki.

The Dorking chicken is an ancient breed first developed as a landrace in the area of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey counties in England.       Link