Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A L O H A!

"Nurture your mind
with Great Thoughts."


Malia Obama and her Dad get Shave Ice.
Imagine how that little kid feels to be so warmly embraced
by the First Daughter! It is spontaneous moments that show our
true nature.
 Photos of Obamas, Courtesy of SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images 

The Famous Smile,

We ALL eat our Shave Ice one slurp at a time :)



><}}(°>                                                     <°)}}><   The time between Christmas & New Years is a sort of Limbo, neither 'here' nor 'there'

not quite this year - but not yet next year either.

I got lost in limbo.

That's my story (excuse) and I'm sticking to it!
  SORRY to be "un-posted" for so many days without explanation or excuse.

  We have not sunk,
though we are submerged in the mind-scatter that accompanies this 'special' time of year
and Vog for too many hazy, 'Kona' days.
Add in the rainy rain
and the husband home from work for an extra day. . .
What was I saying?

Sorry too for the Pineapple Express of moist, rain-to-snow weather we sent your way on the Continent :(

Tonight there will be a professional American football game played on a Tuesday night for the first time since 1942.
I suggest that you stare at that, or some equivalent mindless amusement (sorry football fans. Not really.)

I'm sure glad that you chose to look in on THIS
mindless amusement!

Just think of all the stranded travelers
who long to sit
hand in pants
relaxing at home!

Thanks for your dear visit!
How/What have YOU been up to?
Please tell me in your comment-

Now here's a little song to make it up to you. . .