Monday, January 9, 2012

Lens of Love

A  L  O  H  A !

" In all things of nature 
there is something of the marvelous. "


I knew, of course,
that trees and plants had roots,
stems, bark, branches and foliage
that reached up toward the light. 
But I was coming to realize 
that the real magician 
was light itself.  "

Edward Steichen

 " If your actions inspire others
to dream more,
learn more, 
do more 
and become more, 
you are a leader. "

John Quincy Adams

   > < } } ( ° >

Lens of Love
not talking about
Beer Goggles!

What you see,
and who you see,
truly depends
on the lenses
that you are looking 

Charles Dickens wrote of Christmas
that it helps us to regard
"those below us
as fellow passengers
to death."

That has stayed with me in recent weeks
(ignoring 'those below us' as
historic anachronism)

Are others objects
that you must maneuver around,
or are they ultimately 
the purpose of the trip?

Thank YOU
for joining us here
for part of your journey

                                        Warmly, cloudia