Friday, November 15, 2013

Hawaiian Chanting

A L O H A !

Kumu Hina
 Opens Bill Signing Ceremony Hawaiian Style!

Turn it up and HEAR the Ancients Awaken

Thank You, Honored Guest
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Hawaii's Real Secret

A  L  O  H  A !
Kaulana Na Pua by Makaha Sons of Niʻihau on Grooveshark
Much has been made, and rightfully so,
 about the majesty, the beauty of Hawaii.
The song above (Do click on it)
 is an old patriotic song of this land.
It sings of the real treasures of Hawaii:
Na Pua
which in Hawaiian language means
The (plural) Flowers.
But it is not a song about flowers-

No, not these Pua.
The Hawaiians of old
loved to allude to things,
they loved riddles and 
figures of speech.
Everyone knew
Na Pua of Hawaii

A Hawaiian Sense of Face

Yesterday . . . 

F O R E V E R !

TUTU means "Grandmother"
President Obama called his grandma:
"Toot." Anyone in Hawaii would "get" it.

The man on the right is my 
State Senator Brickwood M. Galuteria.
His is an ethnically Hawaiian face,
like Tutu above.
The man on the left is a local business leader,
His is a face OF Hawaii.

Only Native Hawaiians are HAWAIIAN.
I am a Hawaii resident, grateful to the 
host culture that has welcomed
and nurtured me for so many years.

Rep. Chris Lee & Constituents

The Hawaiian Monarchy
was multicultural 
before that was
a word.
I might have been a 
Hawaiian Subject,
though not a 
Native Hawaiian.

My friends, the Mahu Wahine. (Link)
 Respect is returning to them. 

“In Hawaii, 

we are all minorities, 

and we all deserve

 the same Aloha,” 

State Rep. Chris Lee

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