Thursday, October 10, 2013

Light and Heavy

A  L  O  H  A,
Those Who Visit Here
I keep it light

But never frivolous

Life is serious enough

Challenging, Tough

So cut the guff -

You're not

The only one

Who's suffered

No one of us is buffered -

Wisecracks court smacks

Never taken back

Sincerity can weigh things down

So feel it inside

Don't wear it like

A clown crown!

Butterflies are light

Blown off course by a fight

To tame the grave,

All life's losses, and knaves,

Gentle calm & Patience

Can cast about a radiance

When all else fails: 



The essence - 

I provoked my portion

For a lifetime;

Have chased for miles

Seeking sunshine.

Just this is enough.

Well perhaps

Just one more puff -

Today's post is dedicated
to my true blog friends,
most especially to
Dave King
who is already
much missed.

You can see one of his
final posts at this:

We were all saddened,
yet grateful
to find this 
at Dave's place today:

" Hello everyone who follows David King
 (My Father). On behalf of the family this post is to let you know that Dad
sadly passed away, peacefully, on Friday 4th October; following 
his recent illness. I know that he really appreciated everyone's
feedback and support. 

Kind regards. 

Gavin King."