Sunday, September 7, 2014

If You Look

A  L  O  H  A !
" Look up 
from what you're doing
 and look around 
for a minute. -

" - See what a 
beautiful world 
you're in. "
                    Ralph Marston

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Look Up Sometimes

" I value my garden
 for being full of 
blackbirds than 
of cherries, 
and very frankly 
give them fruit 
for their songs. "
                    Joseph Addison

Parrots are not native to Hawaii; but look! 
There's one now!

I have often seemed
 at odds 
with the way that most of the world 
looks at things.

As you might imagine, 
this has not made for an easy life;

But in the end, 
it means that I avoid 
the flaws and limits 
of conventional thinking.

So I seem to swim free 
of the traps
most conventional thinkers 
swim right into.

Have YOU made 
an unconventional choice 
that made ALL the difference?

                Warmly, cloudia