Friday, November 29, 2013

Finding Losing

A  L  O  H  A !
Finding Grumps (From the Film "One Week") by Andrew Lockington on Grooveshark

" Losing is
 a learning experience.
 It teaches you humility.
 It teaches you 
to work harder. . .
a powerful motivator. "
Ritu Ghatourey

" Find 
what makes your 
heart sing 
and create 
your own music. "

Mac Anderson

" -and if any one doth
 question you,
 Wherefore do ye loose it? 
thus ye shall say to him -
- The Lord hath need of it.' "

Luke 19:31
Young's Literal Translation

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Don't you hate
losing things?

I do.

So when I thought
I'd left behind
a grocery item
already paid for
I felt a loss.

I'm not a scripture person
because I seek
what unites us,
not doctrinal arguments.

But immediately
popped into my head:

"The Lord Hath Need of it."

I remembered
all the things I have found,
little gifts from the Universe,
often JUST when needed.

"Perhaps," I thought,
"I've really just repaid
my own
to someone who needs
right now."

I felt less a losing fool,
than a generous

Sometimes things happen
for purposes we cannot see.

So I will make my 
things lost, or not found,

Perhaps a greater need
is satisfied
instead of my own.

I like that.

What do YOU think?

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                               Warmly, cloudia