Thursday, July 26, 2012

Microsoft Safety Scanner

A  L  O  H  A
 Safe by Natalie Grant on Grooveshark 
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" The door to safety swings
 on the hinges
 of common sense.  "


" Is better to lose 
one minute in life... 
than to lose
 in a minute. "


 " Road sense
 is the offspring of courtesy 
and the parent of safety.  "

Australian Traffic Rule, 


 Microsoft Safety Scanner
is a super tool
to detect & remove
viruses and malware
from your computer.

Every day,
clever MS engineers
create new solutions
to emerging problems.

By clicking on the link below
you can download,
then run,
the latest version.

For basic protection
I use Microsoft Security Essentials
which I update / scan daily,
And Malware Bites
same / same daily routine.
[ Link ]

Microsoft Safety Scanner is

 YOUr safety
is important to me;
How else will YOU
visit me?!

Take away security - leave YOUr comment!

                            Warmly, cloudia