Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hawaii Geckos Out and In

A L O H A !
that I understand, 
I understand 
only because 
I love." 
                     Leo Tolstoy

Here's a Fine Fellow:
"If  on the way, 
you meet someone 
who knows, 
don't speak a word, 
and don't keep silent.
                           Zen Proverb


Lucky I spotted him:

" Life is full of beauty. 
Notice it. "
                Ashley Smith 

Quick; Agile; Lively. 

Geckos bring 
good luck into the home,
eat insects, entertain the cat.

They bring nature,
and an element of 

*S U R P I S E*

into an otherwise
static, space.

If home is our Garden,
geckos are 
our faeries.

Our home geckos are plump blondes
" The power of finding 
 in the humblest things 
makes home happy 
and life lovely. "
                            Louisa May Alcott


Thank YOU
for your visit,

                          Warmly, Cloudia