Thursday, June 25, 2020

Notice & Replace

A   L   O   H   A  !
What the caterpillar calls 

the end of the world, 

the master calls 

a butterfly.     

Richard Bach

Perpetual optimism is 

a force multiplier.     

Colin Powell

I've actually I've been 

working on this

optimism thing

for some time,

 and even making a 

bit of progress. . .

Reflected Glint On Hillside Shines A Beacon

I would say that giving oneself

PERMISSION for Optimism

is crucial and tricky at first.

Quick rejection of negative


" fear " ]

is key

Notice & Replace!

Replace rumination on the future

with something that 

makes your heart glow

right here - right now:

"Come To Bed"

A problem is a chance for 

you to do your best.     

            Duke Ellington

Notice & Replace
also works for voting!
encourage others
[especially young people]
to VOTE.
Don't be drawn into
arguments. Move on,
move UP,
but you MUST 
V O T E!


Love You!
                                Pixie & Cloudia

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