Monday, January 12, 2015

Palm Trees and Building Cranes

A L O H A !
Honolulu Today
is a City of Palms and Cranes

" To be able to
 look back upon
 one's life
 in satisfaction,
 is to live
 twice. "
                Kahlil Gibran

Honolulu By Night

" The roaring street 
is hung for miles
With fierce electric fire. "
                      William Vaughan Moody

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Thoughts and Smiles of Honolulu

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Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton on Grooveshark
" You have to believe 
in yourself
 when no one
 else does
 that makes you 
a winner 
right there. "
                 Venus Williams

" We live on 
an island
 surrounded by
 a sea of ignorance. "
                       John Archibald Wheeler

" Eric Clapton 
always wanted to 
come out onstage
 with a stuffed parrot 
on his shoulder."
                         Neil Innes


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Volcano Exhaust Fan

 A L O H A ! 
Pink Killer Whale Approves Volcano with Exhaust Fan

"  If
 your mind 
isn't clouded 
unnecessary things,
 this is the best 
season of your life."

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