Monday, April 29, 2013

Maybe You're NOT Done

A  L  O  H  A !

“ Nothing is impossible,
 the word itself says 
'I'm possible'! ” 

 Audrey Hepburn

What is going on with me?

I sort of wish I knew,

I sort of DO know,

I sort of DON'T care.

My Cathedral

Maybe it's the impending

( L O O M I N G ) 

"Big Birthday."

My Mom was (still is)

beautiful as a model,

Hair, Makeup, Clothes.

So I rebelled, by being

the girl in leather

riding a motorcycle

back before it was chic.

Mrs. Peel, Honey West 

and me, 

we invented it!

(At least for the late 20th Century,

and there were other acolytes,

of course.  Yeah, I'm talking to

YOU, Pat Benatar)

So here I am, a retired

"Young Wild Womyn"

Thinking I'm washed-up,

that my glow is gone.

When all of a sudden

I'm starved for color:

on my lips, nails,

and back (front too).

A few months ago,

I wore (essentially)

the same uniform


Cargo/carpenter shorts,

Chinatown T-Shirt 

to conceal

my shape.

Throw on a helmet,

jump on the scooter:

Cest Moi.

Now I wouldn't be caught

DEAD dressed like that!

And yes (thanks Gwyneth) 

you CAN wear a cute dress 

on a scooter.

This is a resort area.

Our visitors enjoy dressing up.

Now so do I - 

I don't know why.

But it's working

with my usual benevolent 

s m i l e

to make of my world

a happier, warmer place.

People seem glad

to see me (yes see).

I'm a frequent flyer

at Sephora,

and even got a 

salon cut (found a genius).

Daryl calls it "Beautifying"

I call it a lovely mystery.

I'm not as old as I thought.

Just ask the pleasant men &

women too,

that now seem to smile

at me daily.

What a world!



I love you too much for that.

Thanks for being a dear - 

          for visiting us here - cloudia