Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feminine Skies

A L O H A !
Tiny Birds at Left, Sun-Egg in Nest
" Mysteries 
are feminine;
 they like to veil themselves
but still want to be seen and
divined. "

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Is this_
why I have been_
such a mystery_
to myself?_


" Debate is masculine,
 is feminine."

Amos Bronson Alcott 

'debated' my femininity
away from the controls
of me 
for a long time.
Femininity is frivolous.
I want to be taken seriously.
Yes, they like to look,
and to touch,
BUT I am

" You throw like a girl! "

School Yard Taunt;
worst thing peers
can say to a boy.

" The ideal man 
bears the accidents of life
 with dignity and grace, 
making the best 
of circumstances. "


“ The hardest part 
has been learning how 
to take myself seriously
 when the entire world
 is constantly telling me
 that femininity is always 
inferior to masculinity. ” 

 Julia Serano

But Feminism Valued 
the Feminine, right?

" As a result
 of the feminist revolution,
becomes an abusive 
epithet. "

Wyndham Lewis


" There is nothing more rare, 
nor more beautiful,
 than a woman being
 unapologetically herself; 
comfortable in her perfect
To me, that is the true 
essence of beauty. "

 Hussein Nishah 

" I am rediscovering

 the whole sexual dimension 
of life at the age of 86, really.
And that also means discovering 
the feminine. 
So the whole of this dimension,
which I had been seeking
 for a very long time,
 is now sort of 
opening itself up to
me. "

Bede Griffiths

" Feminine passion
 is to masculine
 as an epic
 is to an
Karl Kraus _ 

Being a Girl,

Being a Boy

Source of life's
and Joy.

A feminine sky?

I suppose it is one
in which
a Cloudia Voyages.

 are you thunder
 & lightning?

Ah Ladies. . . . .

So Chore - y
yet touched with
are we!

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