Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're All From Some Place

A L O H A !

click on these shots!
 My Waikiki home is full of beauty. . .

" It's always good to remember
where you come from
 and celebrate it.
 To remember where you come from
 is part of where you're going. "

 Anthony Burgess

" I think what I've learned
out of this lifetime
 is you should be proud
of where you come from. "

 Kid Rock

Part of me is happiest in the industrial & "less pretty"

parts of Honolulu.  I believe I know why. . . 


“ Home is a place

you grow up wanting to leave,

and grow old 

wanting to get back to. ”


       John Ed Pearce


Because the video below
is where I grew up:
the streets of Philadelphia.

A Philadelphia where
City Hall's William Penn statue
was taller, by statute
than anything else in town.

A place of history & industry.
Workshop to the world. 
Red brick.
Cobbled streets.
Leafy suburbs.

A time and place that will never come again.

And while too much nostalgia is unhealthy
it is also a powerful drug & tonic,
as we walk once more
in that earlier lifetime;

younger, future-dazzled,

pre - disillusionment.

We walk there now,
remembering our dreams,
yet with the God-like knowledge
of how those dreams are turning out.

(just ask Proust)

We walk too, `neath vanished skies,
with those 
with whom
we long to walk 
just once more;

Ah when we were young
and the world green!

Fear not the future,
for we've already lived
a beautiful one.
Or even more than one.
And we're still not
You and I.

                          Walk on!   Fondly, cloudia